In 2014 Sven Agaath released their surprising debut Simple Field Calculator, filled with shoegaton: a sparkling, danceable, and catchy mixture of shoegaze songs and reggaeton rhythms. This combination of genres was received very well: great reviews followed, and early 2017 they even played at Van Onderen in Paradiso.

<div>On their new album ‘End Of Latin’ guitarist/singer Gino Miniutti and drummer/percussionist Arno Breuer have clearly taken some time to invent a new formula. As one might expect based on the album title, the Caribbean rhythms are gone and replaced by industrial (dance) rhythms. The songs are more grunge based and frequently decorated with synthesizers and sounds that remind one of the thrilling 80’s movies the members watched when they were young. The result? Sci-fi grunge!</div> <div> </div> <div>The album is stocked with catchy and invasive songs, peculiar rhythms, dynamics and a great drive. New elements are the atmospheric sounds and surprising turns and shifts. Producer Floyd Atema (known for his work for a.o. The Sweet Release of Death and Mevrouw Tamara) added multiple layers in the analogue Katzwijm Studio in Voorhout. Altogether, ‘End Of Latin’ is a powerful sequel of a unique band that combines creativity with great songs.</div>