El Sur Mundo Project, intercultural dance-group that inter-relates dance language, contemporary theatre and the Argentinian tango as a performative element.

El Sur Mundo Project – Performing Arts- aims to achieve an interdisciplinary-intercultural dance works as a performative identity. El Sur Mundo Project, leaded by the choreographer- dramaturge Gabriela Zuarez, focus its goal on the inter-connections among the contemporary dance, the theatre and the cultural devices distilling from Argentinian tango culture. El Sur Mundo Project performances are foregrounded on the integration of body-language-gesture and the use of Argentinian localisms towards the construction of its dramaturgy.

Since 2000 The Argentinian- Dutch Gabriela Zuarez has been a free-lance dancer and choreographer realizing her own independent productions in The Netherlands. In 2001 she founded the company El Sur Mundo Project-Performing Arts- and she created a number of dance works: Tangos Imaginarios (2002), Le Voyage (2003), La Interna-Duo (2006), La Interna-Trío (2008), Human Landscapes (2007), Site Guys (2009) and Résumé I/ II (2011).where she approaches the hybridization of folkloric and modern movement languages in communion with theatre and in cooperation with Argentinian and European dancers.