“Wedding Dress” (“Vestido de Noiva”) is a renowned play by Nelson Rodrigues, considered a masterpiece of Brazilian theater.

It premiered in 1943, revolutionizing Brazilian drama with its innovative narrative structure and psychological depth.

The play tells the story of Alaíde and her subconscious mind, where past, present, and fantasy intertwine. Through fragmented memories and surreal encounters, we uncover the complex layers of Alaíde’s psyche, her desires, fears, and repressed traumas.

Rodrigues employs a non-linear narrative, incorporating flashbacks and dream sequences in the three plans: hallucination, memory and reality. Themes of love, betrayal, toxic relationships, violence, sexuality and social expectations are central to the play, as Rodrigues delves into the darker aspects of human nature and the hypocrisy of social conventions.

“Wedding Dress” is celebrated for its avant-garde approach, challenging traditional theatrical forms. It remains a timeless classic, continuing to captivate audiences with its haunting exploration of the human psyche and letting the public review its secrets while the play happens.

The group

Under the direction of Veronica Rocha, (also Brazilian), the play takes on a vibrant new form, characterized by dynamic scenes that blend music, dance, elements of theatre of the absurd, and striking visuals. The ensemble cast, drawn from Acting Club Amsterdam, a diverse group of English-speaking performers representing over six nationalities, breathes life into the production as actors creators.

Minimum age: 13+

Deze voorstelling is Engels gesproken.

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