National University of Singapore Wind Symphony (NUSWS)
Dirigenten / Conductors: Resident Conductor, PBM A/P Ho Hwee Long, Associate Conductor, Mr Francis Tan

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Het Symfonisch Blaasmuziekorkest van de Nationale Universiteit van Singapore is opgericht in 1968. Het streeft ernaar om muzikanten van wereldklasse op te leiden die waardering hebben voor de kunsten. Dit doen ze door een stevig opleidingsprogramma en door de muzikanten kennis te laten maken met een zeer divers repertoire. Hun concertprogramma in de Jacobikerk viert de culturele diversiteit van het blaasmuziekrepertoire door de presentatie van een onderhoudende mix van Aziatische popsongs en soundtracks.

Deze activiteit vindt plaats in het kader van het WASBE International Symphonic Wind Band Festival en wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door ZIMIHC, Wens Travel en WASBE, met dank aan gemeente Utrecht.

The NUSWS celebrates the cultural diversity of the wind band repertoire in presenting an enticing mix of Asian pop songs and soundtracks. The first part consists of light-hearted tracks such as Japanese Graffiti, Galaxy Express 999 and AKB Medleys. Look forward to their upbeat, catchy tunes which are sure to get you dancing! As a world-renowned cultural melting pot, Singapore’s local arts scene frequently infuses its ethnic and international influences. The second part of the show will feature some of Singapore’s most iconic traditional music and songs.

Short biography of the NUSWS
Founded in 1968, the National University of Singapore Wind Symphony (NUSWS) has grown from strength to strength, playing works of increasing depth and sophistication under the baton of its Resident Conductor, PBM A/P Ho Hwee Long, as well as its Associate Conductor, Mr Francis Tan. As one of the pioneering bands in Singapore, NUSWS aims to produce world class musicians with a refined appreciation for the arts through its rigorous training program and exploration of a diverse range of repertoires. Besides regular concerts and outreach performances, NUSWS has participated in several music festivals and competitions overseas. In 2016, the NUSWS participated in the 5th Singapore International Band Festival where it ranked 3rd place in Division I.

Short biography of the conductors
Associate Professor Ho Hwee Long started conducting in 1967 and has since been involved extensively in the development of Singapore’s band movement. In 2008, A/P Ho was appointed Music Director and Resident Conductor of the NUS Wind Symphony. His love for music and belief in an exacting standard has seen his bands truly make their mark in the local band scene.

As the Associate Conductor of NUS Wind Symphony, Mr Francis Tan has had the opportunity to design and develop a varsity band program, enabling students to maximize creativity in music performance, concert programming and concert management. His diverse contribution to the music industry includes coaching, performance, community engagement, and leading local and international workshops.

This activity is part of the WASBE International Symphonic Wind Band Festival, which is organized by ZIMIHC, Wens Travel, WASBE and supported by Utrecht city council.

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