Africa Safari staat in het teken van West-Afrika.

Africa Safari is an initiative of Daniel Okiror. This edition of Africa Safari focusses on West-African and lets you compare the differents jollofs (Nigerian vs Ghanese rice dish) to decide which is the best. After the Ghanese fashion show, there is a Sabar dance workshop with Papelaye Ndiaye (Senegal) and a concert of the panafrican Ussu N’djai and the New Balansa (Guinee Bissau- Senegal – Nederland). We dance ’till  the DJ stops around 23h.


16:00 Market Safari met non stop African music
16:20 Africa Safari Academy –  open repetitie: Kora, Adungu, Amadinda, Arigirigi and Akogo workshops
17:00   Kinder workshop Africa Drumming
17:30   Workshop Africa Drumming voor volwassenen
18:00   Diner met Ghanese en Nigeriaanse Jollof
18:45   Africa fashion safari – première show met kleine presentatie
19:00  Ghanese culturele show met fashion show
19:15   Korte video en Africa Safari verhaal
19:45   Dance workshop Sabar en Mbalax met Papelaye N’diaye (Senegal)
20:15   Concert  Ussu N’djai en the New Balansa (Guinee Bissau- Senegal)
21:15   DJ /playlist

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