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2017 EuroChoir - Utrecht (NL)

EuroChoir Utrecht 2017

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General Information

In 2017, 50 singers (ag 18-30) joined in Utrecht to be part of the EuroChoir 2017. The choir was conducted by Maria van Nieukerken (NL) & Lorenzo Donati (IT).
Want to know how the singers experienced the choir? Check the video one of them made and posted on Facebook.

Concerts 2017
5 July - try out Akoesticum (Ede),
7 July - Waalse kerk (Amsterdam)
8 July - Pop up concerts in city centre (Utrecht)
8 July - AMUZ (Antwerpen)
9 July - Musicstand De Klanksteen, festival A Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Utrecht)
9 July - Geertekerk (Utrecht)

About EuroChoir
The EuroChoir is organised each year in a different country in Europe. It is a project choir with 50 singers aged 18-30 from all over Europe. EuroChoir is a concept of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC).

The EuroChoirs 2016, 2017, 2018 are a joint venture by three organisations. In 2016 the EuroChoir was organised by Feniarco (IT), in 2017 by ZIMIHC (NL) and 2018 by Sulalsol (FI).

Conductors for these EuroChoirs are:
2016: Mikko Sidoroff (FI) & Lorenzo Donati (IT)
2017: Lorenzo Donati (IT) & Maria van Nieukerken (NL)
2018: Maria van Nieukerken (NL) & Mikko Sidoroff (FI)

EuroChoir is an activity in partnership with ECA-EC. Therefore the selection of singers will mirror the choral community in Europe and related communities of ECA-EC.
Want to know what EuroChoir is about? Check the pictures on Facebook.

The EuroChoir 2017 is part of the Sing Outside the Box program by the Estonian Choral Assocation in co-operation with Sulasol, ECA-EC and ZIMIHC. Sing outside the box is funded by the Creative Europe program from the European Union.
EuroChoir 2017 is also supported by the KfHeindfonds (Utrecht, the Netherlands)


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