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Gezocht: koor voor project in Polen

25 oktober 2017 16:40 | Gevraagd

NB: wil je ingaan op onderstaande oproep, neem dan ook contact op met ZIMIHC. Eventueel kunnen wij partner zijn, zodat je zelf niet met de administratieve last van het project zet. Contact via m.spanjers@zimihc.nl


Dear Friends,

my name is Dominik Wierski and I am the teacher in Palac Mlodziezy (Youth Palace) in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Palac Mlodziezy is looking for European mixed choirs consisting of young, talented choristers (15-25 years old) and associated in organizations which could be the partners in Erasmus Plus programme. We are going to apply for the Erasmus Plus grant with a project of interesting choral workshops. So, we are seeking the partners to join us.

We plan one-week long international music camp and workshops. It will be held in June and July 2018 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. During the workshops there will be some open air concerts in the city and the main evening performance at the concert hall. We would like to make also a new mixed choir made of selected members of all groups participating in our event. We will be worked on pieces arranged for choral music. Participants will develop insight through a deeper look into the composition of these pieces and the contexts in which they were composed.

The main goals of the projects are developing skills of young choristers, their international integration and developing knowledge on choral music.

Locations & Dates:
Bydgoszcz, Poland, 28th June – 3th July 2018

We plan to apply for the Erasmus Plus grant.

Residential Housing:
- 6 nights in school boarding house in Bydgoszcz,
- meals: breakfast, dinner, supper.

Other events:
- integration meetings,
- sport activities.

I’ll also be very grateful for sending this message to your friends and music youth organizations (especially connected with choral music) in your country.

If more informations will be needed, please ask me. I’ll answer via e-mail: dominik.wierski@palac.bydgoszcz.pl



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