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Pop-upconcert - Beckfoot School Ensembles

18 Jul 2017 | Muziek

Beckfoot School Ensembles 
Dirigent/conductor: Matthew Stimpson

Dinsdagmiddag 18 juli om 12:30u geven de Beckfoot School Ensembles een pop-upconcert op het Stadhuisplein. Het concert bestaat uit een aantal korte sets van hun junior, senior, soul, samba en vocale ensembles. De groep mixt rock, pop en jazz-stijlen en mengt dit met prachtige samba-geluiden en filmmuziek, wat zorgt voor een spetterende concert! De ensembles staan onder leiding van Matthew Stimpson.

Deze activiteit vindt plaats in het kader van het WASBE International Symphonic Wind Band Festival en wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door ZIMIHC, Wens Travel en WASBE, met dank aan gemeente Utrecht.

Tuesday afternoon, 12:30pm, the Beckfoot School Ensembles are set to give a pop-up concert at Stadhuisplein. The performance will be made up of a few sets from their junior, senior, soul, samba and vocal groups, which have toured Europe regularly. The group touch on rock pop and jazz styles and fuse this with wonderful samba sounds - the audience is sure to be wowed!

This activity is part of the WASBE International Symphonic Wind Band Festival, which is organized by ZIMIHC, Wens Travel, WASBE and supported by Utrecht city council.

Short biography of the group
The performance will be made up of a few short sets from their different ensembles. Groovetubes is their junior ensemble; all of the players are between 11 and 16 and their repertoire consists of their own arrangements of popular songs such as Beat It and Take on Me. Their Senior Band is where students progress after Groovetubes. This group has had much local success and always receives wonderful comments wherever they perform, with pieces such as Mr Jums, Tequila, Paint it Black and Faena. The Soul Band play a wider range of soul pieces, both classics and more modern pieces, including Ain’t No Mountain, Valerie and Signed, Sealed, Delivered. The Samba band perform a wide range of high energy drumming styles, always backed by a samba base. The group touch on rock pop and jazz styles and fuse this with wonderful samba sounds - the audience is sure to be wowed! Their final ensemble is the senior vocal group, who take modern pop songs and deliver them with a twist which you will surely enjoy. The senior band, vocal group, samba band and soul band have all taken part in the Music for Youth Festival, with the samba band reaching the national finals on numerous occasions.

Short biography of the conductor
Matthew Stimpson is the head of music at Beckfoot School, having joined in 2004. In 2010 he won the Classic FM Secondary School Teacher of the Year award, presented at the Royal Albert Hall by the UK’s Secretary of State for Culture. Matt plays the tenor horn and is widely respected for his work in music education. 


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