ZIMIHC theater Wittevrouwen

EXPOSITIE: Agathe Dupire

26 Aug 2017 t/m 03 Okt 2017 | Beeldend

Woonachtig in Nederland, Agathe Dupire werd 3 jaar geleden geinspireerd door een masker expositie in Luxemburg. Daar begon het....

If the eyes are the gate to our soul, the face is a door to our emotions. A mask can be used as a mirror, to become someone else and tell stories of life, dreams, hopes, fear and disappointment. It's a white canvas ready to be tortured or loved. I imagine that it has a mind of its own. I start with a certain vision, a general idea, but then I'll adapt and create something completely different. It's an adventure!

The main material I use is plaster, because it gives me many possibilities. At first it's very flexible, so i work as a painter with brushes. When it hardens I can still shape it by cutting and sanding, then I'll add paint or whatever else I want. I'll often use materials I found in nature, on the street or even trash.



ZIMIHC theater Wittevrouwen
Bouwstraat 55
3572 SP  Utrecht


26 augustus 2017 t/m 3 oktober 2017
10:00 tot 16:00


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