21 Feb 2019 | Muziek

NEVA Presents: Young Performers Night.
During the ‘NEVA Presents’ nights some of the most talented performers will be showing a glimpse of their latest work. These young professionals have been personally selected by NEVA and vary in their profession, ranging from spoken word to theatre, dance or even photography. This night is an opportunity for them to try-out new material, explore interaction with the audience and to see their performance in the light of a real life venue.
After their performances we will provide the possibility to engage in conversation, uniting audience and performers in a feedback moment. This will be a moment to reflect, share experiences and get inspired on hearing other people’s views on their content, giving them the opportunity to grow their performances to the best they can possibly be.
So, are you a guest of the StayOkay, a big supporter of one of our performers, a culture enthusiast or just curious? Then feel welcome to join us on this open evening with free entrance!


Stay Okay Utrecht Centrum


21 februari 2019 t/m 21 februari 2019
20:00 tot 22:00




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