Hello Music Lovers.
I´am DJ Sandesh Kalloe, and i´m 15 years old.
I was born on 23 March 2000.
I live in The Netherlands, In Europe.

I started with DJ´ing whe I was about 9 years old.
How I came out to be a DJ was pretty simple.
Someone had downloaded Virtual DJ on my laptop, and said that it was fun to play with.I had nothing to do so I went trying it out, I had downloaded music and went trying it out.When I turned with computer speakers, but then came a day that my father came home with Dj equipment.
Since I had the DJ equipment I could turning at parties.

Now that I'm older I want more.I am now see if I allowed to turning in clubs and major events.that seems to me nice, because then I can turn the genre that I like.

Once I turned many recommended genre s, such as: house, dance, pop and call t but on.Now that I am older, I am also more focused on one genre, that is progressive house.I have chosen this because it always has a hard beat, and the beat can always drag me in the music.

I like it to turn for many people, because then you let that people enjoy. But since about one year I produce music.
The music genre that I produce is Progressive house.
I still find it difficult, but I do find my road.