Isolde Kanikani

New studio in Utrecht available for renting!

22 augustus 2016 10:23 | Aangeboden

Hemeltje is our newest space designed for everything from Meditation to dance workshops and great parties you simply can't miss. There are possibilities in the newly decorated Cielito studio and combination events in both studios that are 5 minutes walk from each other. Come and check us out in the next days of join the opening party 3 september, rsvp for more info at 0649299670 (sms).

Hemeltje offers 125m2 space, bar area, small stage, outside place to sit, a light a spacious atmosphere, sound system and place for storage for regular renters. There is a small park just outside the door and Juliana park is 5 mins walk away.

TRAVEL: We are 2 mins walk from station Zuilen where there is a bus and train possibility, there is also a bus stop just outside the door,  10 mins bike from the centre and easy to reach from outside of Utrecht for those traveling, ideally situated to attract people from Utrecht and further afield.

2 STUDIOS & LARGER EVENTS: We have a second studio 5mins walk away, and its possible to book both for larger combined events. Shops and sligro superstore are close by should you need them.

RENTING: We have two renting options to meet different needs. The first is a straight forward one time or regular renting situation like any other place. Most people opt for this one while they try out our space. But if you are looking for a more permanent space and discount on the price for a longer contract then we offer a great deal for all involved. Hemeltje is part of a project involving a second studio space in Utrecht giving space to creative people and classes in the arts (broadest sense of the word).