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The story of ZIMIHC

With over 26 years of experience organising projects and events, ZIMIHC was born out of the need for places where amateur artists can perform and rehearse. Today the organisation founded in the Dutch city of Utrecht boasts three theatres and a broad professional network that allows amateur artists the opportunity and room necessary in order for their talents to flourish and evolve optimally. In the next years, ZIMIHC will present several international music events in the city of Utrecht.

Started by Appie Alferink, ZIMIHC is not only an abbreviation for ‘Zat Ik Maar In Hoog Catharijne’, or ‘I wish I was in Hoog Catharijne’, but it is also the name of the founder’s band. Hoog Catherijne is a well-known shopping mall located in the city centre and the place where the band once performed and obtained its name.

Being a musician himself, Alferink sensed the demand for artistic podiums in Utrecht and thus started the organisation. To this day, the main focus of ZIMIHC’s core activities remains the same. Namely, to cater to the needs of amateur artists with theatres and repetition facilities as well as with the organisation of projects and events both on a local and international level. A broad range of artistic fields are covered including everything from music to the visual arts and from dance to literature.

ZIMIHC provides a stage for amateur artists in the city of Utrecht, right in the heart of the Netherlands and only 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. ZIMIHC runs three theatres in the city of Utrecht and organises projects and events in the city and its region already over 25 years. ZIMIHC connects high class international events to the local art community to fullfill the needs and ambitions of local amateur artists.

ZIMIHC’s three theatres, all situated in buildings that are cultural breeding grounds, offer a wide variety of facilities that can suit a broad scope of artistic ambitions. The organisation’s projects and events organized by ZIMIHC Maatwerk are quite diverse: whether that be facilitating small performances in city parks such as ‘A Lazy Sunday Afternoon’ (consisting of free mini-festivals during the summer months), or operating on a more international scale, as ZIMIHC already did in 2009 with the Europa Cantat Festival. Ultimately, the next years more of a focus will be placed on wind music and choral arts by ZIMIHC Maatwerk with most of the scheduled international events being held at either the TivoliVredenburg Concert Hall or one of our own theatres.

Please download the English business plan 2017-2020 here.

International programs and events

Utrecht Brass - wind music calender

Please check www.utrechtbrass.nl for information about wind music concerts and events in Utrecht and around
2016 ECWO (European Championship for Wind Orchestras) 20 & 21 May, more info
2017 WASBE International Conference & fringe (World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles), more info
2018 Utrecht Brass / EBBC2018 European Brass Band Championships.

Utrecht Sings - choral arts calender

2015 Holland House at Europa Cantat Festival Pécs (Hungary), more info
2016 Workshop early music together with Utrecht Festival Early Music, more info
2016 Cross the Line, international conference together with European Choral Association / Europa Cantat, more info
2016 Workshops by Peter Dijkstra and Maria van Nieukerken
2016-2018 Sing Me In (a project funded by Erasmus+ of the European Union)
2017 Workshops by Nederlands Chamber Choir
2017 EuroChoir, more info
2017-2018 Sing Outside the Box (a project funded by Creative Europa of the European Union), link
2018 Holland House at Europa Cantat Festival Tallin (Estland), link
2022 ambition: new Europan Choral festival in colloboration with the European Choral Association Europa Cantat

Place to Place
An international exchange between Chapel FM (Leeds) and ZIMIHC theater Zuilen in 2017 in the context of the Tandem program. link

Dance - research
In the coming years, ZIMIHC is also researching the possibilities to set up an international programme for the dance community in Utrecht. At this stage, we are open for all suggestions, so please contact us if you have any suggestions or ideas.

More information & contact

If you are interested in cooperation with ZIMIHC, please contact director Appie Alferink or Martine Spanjers (+31 (0) 6 13305252) coordinator of ZIMIHC Maatwerk and in charge of all the international events.